Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top Finish!

Oh man! I haven't posted since the 4th! Time has just been flying by. Sorry guys!

Happy Mother's Day! I got to spend the day with my mom. And she got to spend the day with all of her kids! She just loved it. :) Some of us ran a 10k yesterday...will post pics later this week.

To my FINISH! Well. OK. So I only finished the top. But I also basted it, and now it's just ready to be quilted and bound! I'm hoping for a finish on Saturday. :D Here's a sneak peak...

Last Saturday I had my first day off in two weeks. Hubby and I took a "hike" in the middle of SLO. It's also my favorite place to run. I didn't run very far on this particular trip, but Hubby was photographing the scenery and I sprinted away to keep up the running spirit (in preparation for the 10k yesterday) and he snapped a photo of me. Don't we live in such a beautiful place!?

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  1. Hi Ali, I'm a cousin. Your grandmother gave my mom, Cherry, your link and she gave it to me. I love to sew too. Love you site! Love pics of SLO too. My husband is from there and we're both alums. Keep up the good work! Here's my site if you have a chance...
    Heidi Christianson