Monday, March 26, 2012

Ta Da!!!

I haven't posted in a few days.

So what have I been doing, you may ask?

Well instead of quilting (sad face), I worked an 8 hour shift Saturday, went home and attacked the house for three hours (it looked so good!) and watched The Hunger Games. The showing we went to ended at midnight. That was a long day! 

Sunday I napped and started on the craft room/office because in my three hours the day before, I had not only NOT cleaned it, I had added to it. Sigh. And still there were boxes from when we moved in!

So I spent about two hours yesterday, and then some time tonight, and voila!

You can see the floor! And it is vacuumed. And projects are (semi) orderly! I have three baskets of current projects: one of Peaches' quilt, one of embroidery, and the third of yoyos sewn together for our headboard covering. And then (which you can sort of see in the lower right corner) I have a bin of multiple in progress projects.

Hubby laughed at me. And then I reminded him how much he likes PROJECTS as well. For a while Papyrus was called Project Papyrus! So I'm not the only one in this house with a love of them. He may only obsess over one, while I prefer the abundant route. :D

The dining room is still nice and clean. And the kitchen is ok, but the living room is already needing another touch up. :P Sigh, such is life. But can you believe...I polished the table and chairs after I finished reupholstering all six chairs. :P

Oh. And BTW. Hubby is releasing Papyrus tomorrow. He has been working so hard! It will be coming to Google Play (Android Market) for those of you with Android tablets (not available for phones, I don't think). It's free, so check it out!

(Note: Papyrus is super cool note-taking software for active pen enabled tablets. It's like taking handwritten notes in a notebook, only way better because you have a lot of cool options like cut and copy, etc!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012


What do you think? :D

I think Tandy will love them. :)

Mom, not really your colors, but I figured I can redo them for you when I hand them over. Since it cost only $19 to cover all six chairs, I might just change them every year! :D It's like having all new chairs!

I haven't actually attached the fabric yet. I either need tacks or wood staples. So far they are just pinned to the old fabric on the bottom. But it looks pretty good for the very little effort I have had to put in! Yay!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For Mom!

I think when you said "dining room set" you meant table and chairs? Not originally Tandy's. :)
Andrew and Kyle bought them on Craigslist. :) But you get first dibs when we get a "permanent" set. 

I'm going to reupholster them. I'll show you why...

Six chairs total, three plain and three plaid. For some reason all three plaid ones look terrible! 
I'll keep your desire for them in mind when I pick fabric. :P
I attempted taking the cushion off just to see how hard it would be - easy! Came off like a charm. So I just need to get a wood stapler, and there I go! (also buying fabric...) :D

We also ran a lot of errands on Sunday. Replaced our comforter (which we were only able to use a few times since SLO doesn't get very cold...), even though I LOVED it. We got a green quilt. Andrew asked, "can't you just make one?" Haha. I could. And I've started. About four months ago. But haven't gone back to it, and  where I am now with the other would be another year before I finished! I love this one though!
It's super huge! My favorite part.

We also bought a bookcase (oh my goodness! half the boxes left unpacked are full of books! HEAVY!) and an organizing case. Hopefully this will clear up some of my frustration with that room becoming so easily messy....

And! We brought the grill back to our place. It has been at Andrew's office for the past 8 months since we couldn't keep it at our other place. I was so excited! We had to buy our own propane tank - and we discovered Home Depot has a cool "replacement" system - when you buy one there, you get it full, and when it is empty, you can go and trade it in 24 hours a day! Very convenient. I used the grill for kebabs last night when we had our Monday night social. :) We watched Space Cowboys with Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland and ...another famous "old guy" who I don't remember the name of right now. It was pretty good.

Anyway. This is a busy week and the next hour and a half is about the only time I'll get to quilt until I think I'll get to it. (Hopefully going to finish the little pink sections for Peaches' quilt!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Bag :)

A finish! A start...and then a finish. Doing a quick project feels half good...
and half like I'm cheating on the other things I'm working on!
Overall, I think it's a cute bag, although I think the little elephants would look better on a diaper bag! :P They're adorable, and so baby cute, I almost feel weird using it as a purse. Haha!

Front, with pocket

Back, no pocket


I loved the corduroy. It was super cute, very soft and easy to work with! I used some Kona Black inside.

A little closer to finishing Peaches' quilt! I'm leaving it out tonight so I'll actually work on it tomorrow. :P

The kiddies at the montessori are so fun. :) Monday morning I was in a bad mood (for no reason :/), and when I joined them and hung out, I was cheered up quickly! They are assigned colored cups of water. Hydration is key! :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

Today Hubby and I will be eating Pie at 1.59pm.

(Important steps: let chocolate cool completely! Also, let pie crusts cool completely.)

Happy Pi Day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Differences

I just love them sometimes.

Andrew got an email from a friend we visited this weekend who offered to create the website for Andrew's business. As this is something that overwhelms him (trying to design a website when you don't know how + you are a perfectionist = overwhelmed), Andrew was very excited over how quickly Jay emailed him asking if our trip home was uneventful and for the information Andrew wanted on the website.

Hubby was so excited. But his dilemma: how do I reply? What do I say?

"Should I say something like, 'thanks for getting back to me so quickly'? But he's not actually getting back to me..." And he sits on the couch pondering how to perform an email. Yes, my computer loving, tablet toting, internet reliant hubby!

And I say, all in one breath, with no thought whatsoever, "just say

'we had a safe drive, thanks for asking. I'm so excited for your enthusiasm and contacting me quickly. The website design you suggested is perfect, I love it. Thank you so much for offering to help, here is the information you requested...'"

And Andrew says to me, "that's perfect, can you repeat it?"

And I say, "I need to learn to talk slower."

Haha. Because he listens and likes it, but forgets by the time he gets back to typing it.

He just has a tough time communicating quickly, I think. :) It's a good thing I don't. He is a talker, so communication itself isn't the problem. God gave us strengths and weaknesses to complement each other.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Note on Flickr

So Andrew discovered that the links I put up are not showing my quilt blocks right now. We're guessing (an educated guess based on other peoples problems we found on google) since I just put things up and am new to flickr, I have to be reviewed before the public can see my photos. I will update you when everyone can see my blocks in the group. Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Little Overboard of the bloggers I read is having a block contest to win one of her fabric collections (she designs fabric). The winner will receive one yard of every fabric from her line...nearly 30 yards of fabric! So this week and last I've gone a little overboard designing blocks. I wish I could use my BWGRY blocks! They are too large though - about 19 inches, and the largest blocks accepted are 12.5 in. 

So I posted two of the blocks I made last week...and now I have four more...

I think the purple one is my favorite. It is just...interesting and different. I may actually have to make a quilt that it fits in eventually...

Find them here on flickr.

Friday, March 2, 2012

BWGRY and MY Quilt

So I've taken lots of pictures and I really have been meaning to put them up. So I'm going to do a quick post with these photos and very little explanation (maybe)...

Work in Progress on yet-to-be-named black/white/grey/red/yellow quilt :P

I couldn't tell whether my eyes were fuzzy or the picture or the I played with the coloring and fiddled around until it looked interesting. :P Those are my 7 whole blocks done. I need 6 half blocks and 4 quarter blocks for the design I'm planning.

These two are my favorite. I wish I had bought more of that Japanese looking red and white flower...
I would use it a lot, I think...

Sometimes Hubby works from home and takes over my sewing space...

Fabric I FELL IN LOVE with as soon as I saw it on the 50% off rack at Beverly's. I saw it over a week ago and kept thinking about it! I'm not usually like that...normally my purchases are more of an impulse. And this is not even my style...sure, the colors are, but I don't normally like themed fabric. But I just HAD to buy some. Now I'm seeing a quilt for ME.

Blocks I entered into a sewing contest on flickr...

And Peachy's poor Pinky sitting forlornly under my ironing board,
 just waiting for me to purchase more fabric...

I don't have any time this weekend to quilt. :( Will be out of town, but it will be full of family,
 so it will be good anyway! Have a great weekend!