Thursday, March 22, 2012


What do you think? :D

I think Tandy will love them. :)

Mom, not really your colors, but I figured I can redo them for you when I hand them over. Since it cost only $19 to cover all six chairs, I might just change them every year! :D It's like having all new chairs!

I haven't actually attached the fabric yet. I either need tacks or wood staples. So far they are just pinned to the old fabric on the bottom. But it looks pretty good for the very little effort I have had to put in! Yay!


  1. Yes! You're right about everything--
    Tandy will love them,
    you could change them every year,
    they're very easy to make look good.
    A very satisfying project, huh? Fun!

  2. THey look really really good! I have used a staple gun (and sometimes hot glue shhhh)

  3. Thanks! :) I had a lot of fun with them, and I'm really excited about potentially changing them. I was planning on using a staple gun, but I don't have one, so that would require purchasing one...and I was looking for a quick and easy project. :P I didn't think of hot glue, though! Smart!