Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Differences

I just love them sometimes.

Andrew got an email from a friend we visited this weekend who offered to create the website for Andrew's business. As this is something that overwhelms him (trying to design a website when you don't know how + you are a perfectionist = overwhelmed), Andrew was very excited over how quickly Jay emailed him asking if our trip home was uneventful and for the information Andrew wanted on the website.

Hubby was so excited. But his dilemma: how do I reply? What do I say?

"Should I say something like, 'thanks for getting back to me so quickly'? But he's not actually getting back to me..." And he sits on the couch pondering how to perform an email. Yes, my computer loving, tablet toting, internet reliant hubby!

And I say, all in one breath, with no thought whatsoever, "just say

'we had a safe drive, thanks for asking. I'm so excited for your enthusiasm and contacting me quickly. The website design you suggested is perfect, I love it. Thank you so much for offering to help, here is the information you requested...'"

And Andrew says to me, "that's perfect, can you repeat it?"

And I say, "I need to learn to talk slower."

Haha. Because he listens and likes it, but forgets by the time he gets back to typing it.

He just has a tough time communicating quickly, I think. :) It's a good thing I don't. He is a talker, so communication itself isn't the problem. God gave us strengths and weaknesses to complement each other.


  1. wonderful illustration--made me grin! :D
    you guys are SO perfect together. ♥

    1. Bless his heart. I'm so happy you understand that this is just who he is. He has always been overwhelmed by what you and I (and almost all other girls) think are simple. Do you remember the wrong Nabil story? Now that I have more distance from it (thank you Ali!) I wonder if it is because there are too many decisions to make in personal responses. Math, code, baking, all have specific rules. They are logical and IF you make a mistake you can fix it. It is right or wrong. "What to say" is so open ended. So many twists and turns that can happen that you have no control over. It isn't easy or even a challenge for him at all. Just a bumpy road to navigate in the dark without the end in sight and a lot of cul-de-sacs and dead ends on the way. I echo Ginger, I'm so happy you found each other. You each have your own gifts that you can share with one another.