Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Bag :)

A finish! A start...and then a finish. Doing a quick project feels half good...
and half like I'm cheating on the other things I'm working on!
Overall, I think it's a cute bag, although I think the little elephants would look better on a diaper bag! :P They're adorable, and so baby cute, I almost feel weird using it as a purse. Haha!

Front, with pocket

Back, no pocket


I loved the corduroy. It was super cute, very soft and easy to work with! I used some Kona Black inside.

A little closer to finishing Peaches' quilt! I'm leaving it out tonight so I'll actually work on it tomorrow. :P

The kiddies at the montessori are so fun. :) Monday morning I was in a bad mood (for no reason :/), and when I joined them and hung out, I was cheered up quickly! They are assigned colored cups of water. Hydration is key! :D


  1. btw, if Tandy didn't ask for it back, I'd love to have your dining room set if/when you decide to get something else. we could buy it to help pay for something you want.... :)

  2. ...AND...can't wait to see Peaches' finished quilt before it gets delivered! looking so pretty. also, love the colors of your new bag. I don't think the elephants look too babyish.

  3. that quilt is pretty to look at!

    1. Thank you! It is a lot more fun than I thought those curves would be! :D I heard from several sources that Double Wedding rings were difficult, but after a few tutorials, I'm loving it. :)