Monday, March 26, 2012

Ta Da!!!

I haven't posted in a few days.

So what have I been doing, you may ask?

Well instead of quilting (sad face), I worked an 8 hour shift Saturday, went home and attacked the house for three hours (it looked so good!) and watched The Hunger Games. The showing we went to ended at midnight. That was a long day! 

Sunday I napped and started on the craft room/office because in my three hours the day before, I had not only NOT cleaned it, I had added to it. Sigh. And still there were boxes from when we moved in!

So I spent about two hours yesterday, and then some time tonight, and voila!

You can see the floor! And it is vacuumed. And projects are (semi) orderly! I have three baskets of current projects: one of Peaches' quilt, one of embroidery, and the third of yoyos sewn together for our headboard covering. And then (which you can sort of see in the lower right corner) I have a bin of multiple in progress projects.

Hubby laughed at me. And then I reminded him how much he likes PROJECTS as well. For a while Papyrus was called Project Papyrus! So I'm not the only one in this house with a love of them. He may only obsess over one, while I prefer the abundant route. :D

The dining room is still nice and clean. And the kitchen is ok, but the living room is already needing another touch up. :P Sigh, such is life. But can you believe...I polished the table and chairs after I finished reupholstering all six chairs. :P

Oh. And BTW. Hubby is releasing Papyrus tomorrow. He has been working so hard! It will be coming to Google Play (Android Market) for those of you with Android tablets (not available for phones, I don't think). It's free, so check it out!

(Note: Papyrus is super cool note-taking software for active pen enabled tablets. It's like taking handwritten notes in a notebook, only way better because you have a lot of cool options like cut and copy, etc!)


  1. Everything looks great and doesn't it feel fabulous to have accomplished so much!!

    1. Thank you! It really does feel great. :) I should do it more often, it would probably save me time (rather than six hours in two days!) :D

  2. (dang, I thought I posted last night, but apparently something failed...)

    YAY for Organization! YAY for Papyrus Release! Oh, and YAY for those who did them. I can't wait to see you--and the place where you do these things. It looks SO good.

    I had to do major de-cluttering for my Bunco group last night and our place looks so good I wish I knew how to keep it this way. Maybe I should just stop getting mail? ha! stop living here? ;)

    Love you.