Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For Mom!

I think when you said "dining room set" you meant table and chairs? Not originally Tandy's. :)
Andrew and Kyle bought them on Craigslist. :) But you get first dibs when we get a "permanent" set. 

I'm going to reupholster them. I'll show you why...

Six chairs total, three plain and three plaid. For some reason all three plaid ones look terrible! 
I'll keep your desire for them in mind when I pick fabric. :P
I attempted taking the cushion off just to see how hard it would be - easy! Came off like a charm. So I just need to get a wood stapler, and there I go! (also buying fabric...) :D

We also ran a lot of errands on Sunday. Replaced our comforter (which we were only able to use a few times since SLO doesn't get very cold...), even though I LOVED it. We got a green quilt. Andrew asked, "can't you just make one?" Haha. I could. And I've started. About four months ago. But haven't gone back to it, and  where I am now with the other quilts...it would be another year before I finished! I love this one though!
It's super huge! My favorite part.

We also bought a bookcase (oh my goodness! half the boxes left unpacked are full of books! HEAVY!) and an organizing case. Hopefully this will clear up some of my frustration with that room becoming so easily messy....

And! We brought the grill back to our place. It has been at Andrew's office for the past 8 months since we couldn't keep it at our other place. I was so excited! We had to buy our own propane tank - and we discovered Home Depot has a cool "replacement" system - when you buy one there, you get it full, and when it is empty, you can go and trade it in 24 hours a day! Very convenient. I used the grill for kebabs last night when we had our Monday night social. :) We watched Space Cowboys with Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland and ...another famous "old guy" who I don't remember the name of right now. It was pretty good.

Anyway. This is a busy week and the next hour and a half is about the only time I'll get to quilt until Saturday...so I think I'll get to it. (Hopefully going to finish the little pink sections for Peaches' quilt!)


  1. Dear Ali, fortunately your Nampa remembers to check out your BLOG, and reminds me to do so! I LOVE them ALL & hardly know where to begin my "comments". I do want to talk about PIE! Those "French Soft Chocolate" pies have been long time family favorites. I want to tell you about a new one I made for St. Patrick's Day when we invited a couple of other folks to join us. The recipe's in Joy of Cooking. It's a lime pie that's easily made with a can of sweetened condensed milk. Like the chocolate pie, it goes into a prepared pie crust. Well, your quilting is AMAZING, but I can't share much with you about sewing, although we, too, just bought a new bed comforter set & I had to resew two of the shams that were made for huge square pillows & I just wanted to use them for regular pillows. It was doable :-) I love our new set - - but was sad to see that it came from China! Enough Comment~ love from Nana

    1. Ooh, I'll have to look in my Joy of Cooking for that pie! I love pie...maybe I should wait for an occasion. Haha. That way I don't eat most of it myself. :P I'm glad you like your new set! I was thinking I should make you a quilt...but I just haven't gotten to it. :P

  2. Aww, Ali, you're so sweet! I just was talking to Daddy about wanting a dining room table that worked better than what we have and remembered liking yours because it was light wood and sturdy and large. And had nice-looking padded chairs. I did notice they needed recovering, but have heard that's usually really easy to do.

    I was surprised you bought a plain (single-color) quilt for your bed--you're usually so into colors and patterns. Funny that you've made so many as gifts for others and haven't even finished your own! (Shoemaker's-children-go-shoeless syndrome?) Well, now you probably won't get around to it for even longer. :P I know how that goes!

    Love the shelves and organizers--getting very eager to visit and see your "new" place. Hey, I just found a blog that maybe you've already seen, but she has some GREAT DIY/craft ideas and I think I'm gonna start following her just to read them. She reminds me of you--25 years in the future! ;) http://keeninspirations.blogspot.com/2011/01/valentines-printable-love-word-arti.html

    Love you SO MUCH!! ~Mom

    1. Well, the idea behind the plain was that it's not too girly (Andrew...) and also I am still working on turning all my little yo-yos into a cute headboard sort of cover thing...and that would make everything very busy if I had a lot going on on the bed as well as on the headboard. :P

      I'll spend some time looking at your new blogger tomorrow afternoon. For now...I'm going to bed! :P