Friday, October 26, 2012

Double Wedding Ring Finish!

OH my goodness has it taken a long time to finish this quilt! And I actually finished it several weeks ago, but my busy schedule and a few rainy days prevented me from taking some good pictures until now!

This quilt was made at the request of my sister-in-law. She requested a DWR and pink. She has three dogs. and dogs! I believe I started it back in late January/early February? Hmm. Maybe it first showed signs of life as early as December last year! So...nearly ten months! Yikes!

Phew! That white is BRIGHT in the sun! Note to self...take photos on a slightly foggier day.

I decided to make one full circle in brown. It's not super obvious when it's on a bed, and still a little subtle in the pictures. It's very large and hard to take pictures of! :) But I'm not complaining.

I tried to follow a pattern, but didn't understand the directions (and possibly printed the paper piecing patterns different sizes since I had to go back several times to make more), so I made it up! I appliqued circles in the connecting corners. I think it turned out very cute and a little twist away from traditional!

I'm linking up to Crazy Mom's Quilts Finish it Up Friday!

Monday I will be linking up to Sew Modern Monday. :)


  1. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's beautiful! A double wedding ring is on my bucket list. Love yours.

  3. wow, this is awesome! I love the fabrics you've used. It is a beautiful quilt!

  4. I love pink and your quilt sings pink!

  5. Fantastic quilt!Love the mix of browns in the sea of pinks!

  6. Oh, Dear Ali, this is a FANTASTIC quilt you've made - especially the EDGES amaze me with all their lovely rounded shapes :-) I got to sew 18 new 18" fabric bags for the wives of the young pastors who are coming to our church in November. And, thanks be to God, the few spools of thread that I still had were just the right colors: pink, yellow, blue, and white :-) - - but what YOU make for gifts are worth HUNDREDS of dollars!! God bless you - I pray that you'll make some $$$$ -love from Nana

  7. That is fantastic!! I love the colors you used.