Saturday, August 31, 2013


I haven't posted in a while! But reading some of my favorite blogs, and the changes happening in life right now are inspiring me.

Several big things :

We are moving! Less than two miles from our wonderful condo to a place with similar square footage, but with a yard and a two car garage! It is just going to feel so much bigger! We are so blessed!

Yesterday was my last day at Templeton Montessori Preschool. :( I am going to miss Heather (my boss) and all the wonderful children I have invested in over the last two years! And I am starting my new job on Tuesday! At a Montessori in SLO, about three miles from where we'll be living (maybe I'll get a bike and stay riding!), where I'll be doing the after school care while I go back to school to get my Early Childhood Education units so I can actually become a licensed preschool teacher! Woot! It's exciting! I started classes two weeks ago and so far so good!

Andrew is working on a HUGE deadline that is approaching next week. Of course... The day before we move! He works so hard. God has truly blessed us to be able to own this business and see it flourish. We are working at following him and listening to his lead. Thankfully Andrew works pretty well under pressure. And when they finish this deadline, they'll be diving right into another at the end of October!

One of the blogs I read posts "gratitude lately" once a week. I'm going to start doing that! I tend to be a grateful person anyway, but it's nice to share, too!

Today I am truly thankful for a free day at home. We originally had a super packed weekend planned, and our plans fell through. I was able to spend the whole day packing and Andrew switched all of our utilities and got to spend a large chunk of time working.

I am also thankful for craigslist. In the last three days I have done three trips to get free boxes... Over 50 of them! Some of them are really great moving boxes!

I am thankful for the wonderful people I come in contact with on a regular basis. The children and parents I get to work with. I love when I get to make an impact.

I am thankful for friends who come over for dinner after a long, hot, exhausting day and play video games and fall asleep on our couch. I think Andrew and I agree that our friends make our home feel like home more than anything else we keep in it.

Thank you all for reading! I hope to post more in the coming weeks as we transition and new things happen!


  1. Hi, Ali dear! Really glad to here some from you. Sound like things are really in God's hands for you two. I think of you often and will keep praying for His perfect leading for you (and all of us!).

    Love to you both. Nampa

  2. Dear Ali, How wonderful to see all your great news! I can't wait to see your new home. And you're going to be a fantastic teacher. We're so glad you married Andrew, who's such an amazing "worker". I thank God for all the things you've been thankful for. God bless you. I miss you. Hope to see you before the end of this year. (We're still in Montana.) Lots of love from Nana

  3. So happy to see you blogged again! Love, Mom