Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Week of Colds

Andrew came home from the bachelor party with sore shoulders and a terrible cold. So I didn't get much done at the beginning of the week with taking care of my boy...and thought by Thursday morning I was safe...but then Thursday night hit and I was just down for the count. Still worked Friday...

Anyway. I finished little Layman's quilt! :) I'm quite proud and Kate was happy. She loves polka dots, so it was perfect.

Saturday Andrew and I went on a date to Santa Barbara! It was a wonderful day. We were both sort of sick, but Andrew was getting over it and I was hopped up on daytime cold medicine...We went kayaking in the harbor (no pictures), had a nice lunch, sadly didn't make it to the zoo, but walked around State Street and got ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. :D

Sunday Jeff came to visit! Arrived 10 min after Andrew and I got back from SB. Went to church, then lunch with friends, then to the beach...then relaxed at home.

And I have gotten a little quilting done. Mostly my yo-yo quilt, but also have been cutting some pieces for Brett's quilt! (She is moving back to town! Whoot!) I've made about 300 yo-yos, only 2700 to go. :P

And another week has started...

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  1. I remember seeing somebody (like a relative) making a yo-yo quilt when I was young, tho I don't remember who it was and I don't think she callled it that. Looks like it'll take even longer than any of your other quilts!