Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Long

Oh my! I feel like I've left cookquiltlove out in the dust!

I don't have any pictures today but I did get to go to a quilt class on Saturday. My first class...it was really fun! I didn't know anyone, and it turned out I was an hour late (I thought it started at 11, but when I showed up, everyone was completely settled in and working...sigh), but it was totally fun. It was a "Curvy Curves" class. I learned a lot and I was able to catch up! I finished a block and started a few more. I think I'm going to make it into a baby quilt. I'm working on the arrangement for it though. I'll show you pictures on Thursday - I have the day off!

In other news...We find out on Friday about the competition Andrew entered Papyrus in (Android application, our business!). The competition first prize is $100,000! For anyone new to the blog, or simply curious...my Hubby, Andrew, is an entrepreneur and starting his own software company, Steadfast Innovation. Our first product is a note taking application for active pen-enabled tablets! You can check out Papyrus - I helped Andrew make the video! So far Papyrus has been doing really well in the market. God has been so great with his blessings and we are excited for what he is doing in the future!

Anyway. Lots of stuff happening. Don't want to overload you with info and no pics, so hopefully I can get something else up on Thursday! :)

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