Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yay for Half Moon Modern!

So I did get some fun stuff from Seven Sisters Quilt Show. :D 

Half Moon Modern Charm Pack.

I decided not to try and collect a ton more for a quilt, but to make pillowcases! So I spent a little time while watching Psych with Hubby arranging the squares. I think I am even going to sew them together by hand! We'll see how that goes. :)

I put together a collage of my little designs. I played most around with the yellow/red/grey (apparently I'm obsessed with this combo...but also I liked the brights together a lot, too). I started with the orange and the yellow in the middle and the other colors on the outside, but decided finally on the "down the center" approach. Lovin' it!


  1. These are so cheery! I would be able to say that I love the grey and red if they weren't Ohio State's colors. Michigan blue and gold - yes. Indiana University cream and crimson - yes. CalPoly green and gold???

    You would think that I could overcome my prejudice against Ohio State. It isn't as strong as my one for Purdue. I don't even know their school colors!

  2. Haha. Oh school colors. How about yellow and colors? I just didn't like any other color in the middle, so I went with grey! :) I'm not really a fan of the green and gold, even if I am a fan of Cal Poly. It's one or the other in my book, but not together. :/