Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baseball Quilt

So I haven't posted in a while, but I've actually been very busy! :)

I started and finished a twin sized quilt for my little three year old friend, Josiah. He LOVES baseball, and my local quilt shop was having a sale of all I just couldn't help myself. :) 

I did "pebble" quilting on the green and blue sections. It was really fun and not very hard, but used a LOT of thread! It fit really well with the style of the quilt and looks really fun!

I had fun having hubby take the pictures. Even though he is the better photographer, I had to arrange a lot of the shots because he hasn't spent any time with the fabric or seen many creative quilt shots like I have. :)

We also went to a baseball game in the park between our houses (we live about a quarter of a mile from Josiah and his parents, and there is a nice large park right there!). They had a bounce house, but Josiah spent most of the time glued to the game! Great patience for a three year old!

I've started and nearly finished another quilt since then, and have been working in my "garden" and running! So I have at least two more posts to write, but I think I want to actually spend some time quilting today, so I will be done for now!

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