Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finished/Nearly Finished!

The post I've been promising for about a week now...

I finished Brett's quilt!

I'm never really sure what to do with the back of quilts. Solid is great, but expensive, and piecing random pieces seems weird. I tried two fabrics with a few extra blocks from the front thrown in. I don't really like the crookedness of the two main fabrics - our three minds (Brett, Andrew and I) kept trying to think of good ways to keep the large quilt straight in the small living room, and we thought we had it, but apparently not. :P I do really like the look of the extra blocks thrown in. If it was just one other fabric pattern on the back, it would look like a modern quilt front. :D (this is the picture before it was bound.

Top bound!

Detail of my super fun new toy - my free motion quilting foot! Just loopty-loos the whole way through!

I did a somewhat scrappy border. I used the two fabrics from the back and did about 2 ft before switching colors.

The day after I finished Brett's quilt, she came over and we had a sewing day and I finished the curtains Alyssa was making for the infant room at our church. She did all the shopping, calculating (or not calculating- cause neither of us are perfectionists) and buying, but doesn't have a sewing machine, so I spent a couple hours helping her iron and pin, then just did the quick rectangle sew all the way around, and voila!

Rebecca suggested the super cute polka dot ribbon loops.

Brett decided her 1-4-16 quilt was too busy with four green/blue fabric patterns, so I suggested borders. It's gonna look so great! I love my borders. I think that might have helped her quilt(the one I just finished) take so long. :P Nothing mixed up the blocks! But good to get outside my comfort zone at least.

In the spirit of the owl curtains, and from a pattern on a blog I read, I created the little yellow and blue strawberry owl. They suggested filling him with beans or I did, but I didn't really like it. His bottom and his top pieces are the same and he is just too flat and doesn't sit up very well. So I tweaked the pattern a little and created an actual bottom piece, so he has an actual base to sit on. I also stuffed his ears with batting (because on yellow his years kept lying down cause the beans would sink into the body), then i did a layer of beans (actually, split peas), then some more batting, then a layer of beans. I really like the way he turned out! He sits up well because he is heavy, but he also holds his shape due to the batting! It is just a little sad to stick pins in his cute little face. :P (each of these little guys took only about 30 min each, and I hand stitched their faces and wings)

And since then I haven't had a ton of time, but I am getting closer to finishing the top of Kelly's quilt! It's looking so cute! A few little snaffoos with running out of red fabric, but I decided to change up the pattern a little, and I think I'm going to be very happy I did! Can't wait to finish!

Well, once again I am writing late and I think my hubby just fell asleep on the bed next to me. He was in here working and I was sewing, but I came in to keep him company...and then he rolls over and falls asleep!

Which I think I will do in about 5 min!


  1. aww, those owls are so adorable! and I recognize the blue fabric, don't I? so glad you're having fun with your projects and new quilting foot. I can't wait to see all your stuff on our way back this weekend (Sun afternoon?). Miss you lots. Xs and Os and lotsa love, Mom <3

  2. yes! that is the blue from my very first quilt! i'm trying to find things to use my scraps! I also used some in Brett's quilt, along with the opposite coloring print - the blue on yellow :)