Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Am I going?

Apparently I'm not the only newly wed wife who feels this way. Married life is wonderful, growing, challenging and fun! There are new experiences with your best friend every day. God knows what he is doing and he put us together and he has a wonderful plan for us!

But with that, for me at least, are a few feelings of uncertainty. I'm not really sure what I want to do. Going back to school and working to get my credential doesn't seem like something I'm that interested in anymore. And the things I'm actually interested in either don't pay well, or don't pay at all.

I'm loving both my jobs currently. But neither are careers, and even with two jobs I'm not working full time. They are not forever jobs, so while I love then...what is my plan? What do I want to do?

God knows. He'll guide me. All I need to do is be patient and trust.

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  1. hey, Sweetie, I don't think God necessarily has a "career" planned for everyone--not even all MEN do the same thing for life. what's important? serving with your whole heart in whatever God gives you to do. I know it sounds really old-fashioned (and my women's libbing younger days would never believe I'd EVER say something like this) but maybe your career is to take care of your husband like your grandmother made it her career to do. :)
    Rest in the Lord. If Andrew wants you to get more down to a serious career, that's different, of course. and if you're dissatisfied in your spirit because you think you're not fulfilling the potential God gave you, that's also different. but don't feel you HAVE to go back to school right now. you can always do that if/when the time is right.
    Sorry--you know your good ol' mom just can't resist giving you her 2 cents worth. I believe whatever you feel called to do, you'll be great! Love you! ~Mom