Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So I guess halloween with no kids around doesn't do much. :P We had some good friends over for dinner (a normal monday tradition for the past couple months-until I have to work mondays starting in dec!), ranch chicken, rice pilaf, zucchini. Yum! Then the five of us played our Settlers of Catan for the first time since we got it for our wedding, and part way though had mint brownies with ice cream. :) Not even a mention of halloween! Since our apartment is in the back: no kids came by. Still a great night though.

I actually have quite a few pictures and quilting to blog about, but I have to do that another time. :P should probably be turning out the light.

But I got a new job! Quit my 10 hour a week job just a few weeks ago because I wanted to work with kids-and starting friday I get to! I'm going to be working 10 hours a week to start, then possibly some full days! A cute little 6 child montessori in Templeton. I'm so excited! And I am already fingerprinted so I don't have to pay to do that again, and tomorrow I am going in for my tb test, and hopefully get to start monday! God is so great!

And our car is in the shop again, but the $4000 hybrid barry is under warranty! :)

Andrew and I started walking last week. We walked ten miles in the four days we walked. My goal for us is to build up every week. Today started this weeks-and its a good start, but probably a little too much. We dropped off the car and walked home. Thought it was only four miles, but turned out to be five and we had to hurry-my hips bothered me a lot. We did the five miles in exactly an hour and 23 seconds. I remember when it took me an hour to walk a 5k. haha. Tomorrow we'll probably only walk two miles. I should turn out the light so we have time to before work.

G'night y'all!

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