Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting into Blogging!

I decided I wanted to have a more "public" blog in case I ever do anything with it. I have been inspired by the blogs I have recently been reading (my favorite at crazymomquilts) to add more flare and color to my blogs about life and add more fun things instead of boring facts. Since I am very active in my quilting recently, that is going to inspire a lot of my posts!

My last post on my other blog showed a picture of my recently finished black and white quilt that I gave to my sister, which - in her honor - I am titling New York Buildings. I'm posting it again for anyone new to the blog. :)

The two quilts I am working on now:

One for Brett, who requested a crazy quilt

and one with some dark red/maroon fabrics that I bought over two years ago that I think I will keep for our bed. I just love these colors!

Today we got up at 7am because I had to be at work at 8. Kelly and I had a great day (aside for me leaving the headlights on and needing a jump from wonderful Ana), and I got off at 4. Joined Andrew (I dropped him off at work before I went to work) and he was being super productive so i hung out til 6, when we headed home. I worked on some other blocks for the maroon quilt from about 8-11. :)

Tomorrow we have church, lunch with friends, a three hour break and then a HotHouse dinner for Andrew's summer work/business starting. Busy, busy weekend, and the week starts all over again!

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