Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Working

After church this morning we celebrated our friend Alyssa's birthday by going out to lunch. :) She and her husband are starting the adoption process again, so soon I will have two little ones to take to Avila Valley Barn! This time around I get to be a reference! Probably because I hang out with Josiah so much. :) 

In church this morning our pastor encouraged us to use our gifts to bless other church members. Our new nursery director is due in october, and I am now going to make her a baby quilt! The first small one I've attempted. I'm excited! I'm going to use green and yellow (it's going to be a boy), and I ordered a free motion quilting foot, so I'm going to actually quilt this one rather than simply tying it! Trying lots if new things. I am also committing to praying for little Jed as I work on his quilt. :) 

Tonight is the Hot House final dinner, and Andrew has to present his work, so we are busy in SLO working. No quilting for me today. :( 

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