Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wild Olive

I started reading a new blog yesterday. It's by a girl named Mollie and she mostly does embroidery and cute, simple crafts. She blogs A LOT! And she also seems like a strong Christian woman...she preaches her faith every once in a while, and lots of her crafts include Christian holiday decorations, etc. :) She has two biological siblings, and three adopted siblings! Quite a family!

And what I realized is...first, I could easily blog more often, I could share my faith, and it's ok to post about little things, even when I haven't finished a quilt.

So I have a couple goals for my blog this year:

1. Post at least once a week.

2. Have fun! :D Mollie is silly and writes funny things and tells embarrassing become a better writer, i just need to start practicing more!

3. I haven't written much about cooking, even though that is the beginning of my blog title! So, a few more recipes will be included, though those will not be the focus.

4. I have a very interesting point of view that others may share, and I should write about it! I am a crafter, full blown and proud of it. I like making my own things and sharing the ideas with friends. In a way, it is not "technical" at all, but guess what! I am married to a guy who is VERY technical! I love our differences, but boy, they can be a pain sometimes (like when I wanted to go to bed at 10:30 and he starts wandering around finding a million things to do...)! They can be interesting and fun to share! :P

5. I'm going to try to make this blog easier to read. I'm going to add more upbeat posts, saying positive things and making jokes (though it may be a while before I'm actually good at making jokes on this blog...I am just not that funny of a person :P).

So even though I told Facebookland that I didn't have any resolutions...I've changed my mind. This blog has resolutions. :)

Also! Big news! We have officially moved! The new place is wonderful and unpacking is going smoothly (so far, but I haven't even touched what I call the "craft room" and Andrew calls the "computer room" - we'll see who comes out on top!). Things are looking more settled and more like "our place." :D

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited! I hadn't checked your blog in several weeks cuz you had a long dry spell and I just quit checking it and...NOW! There is SO MUCH to read and catch up on. So glad you've got plans to blog lots and share more. <3 oh, and btw, I disagree about you not being funny--you've always been able to make me laugh, cuz you laugh a lot and see the funny sides of things and it always made me laugh when you were laughing. :D I LOVE YOU, GIRLIE!!