Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This is the first quilt I'm going to sell. It's going to be twin size (usually a little bigger, as my planning goes...), grey backing. Any thoughts? Suggestions? I'm giving my blog readers first choice...I'm thinking $70, including shipping. I'm also going to put it on my Etsy. :)


  1. Just got caught up on all your blogs for 2012! Sounds like you're having lots of fun. Really laughed at the 'Our Differences' one--reminded me of the story about the young wife that explained that she always cut the Thanksgiving turkey in half to roast it because that's the way her mother did it. When she asked her mother why she did it, Mom explained that that's the way Grandmother had done it. When they finally had a chance to ask the grandmother why, Grammie explained that her roasting pan was too small for a whole turkey!

    Hope you're getting enough rest, Sweetie, as I note that most of your blogs are posted late at night. I love you.


    P.S. What's an 'Esty'?

    1. Etsy is an online store (sort of) where people sell crafts. People can set up their own "shop" to sell their homemade things. Brett and I have a "shop" called Cute 'N Comfy. You can visit us! So far I only have the signs I made for the wedding up...