Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Happenings

Hello everyone! It's officially the middle of the week and it was a beautiful day!
 It was about 75 degrees all day. Oh my. A great February day. 

Brett came over and we had a quilting day and we both actually worked on quilts! She worked on her Snail Tail quilt, and I have gone back to working on my sil's pink double-wedding-ring! I have tripled my progress in the last three days. 

I haven't really decided what to do about the "corners" of the rings. The instructions call for squares, but I don't follow directions very well and I don't really like that. I might applique some squares after I baste? Or circles? I don't know!!! 

These things I did a while ago and I actually made four, but the others were harder to photograph because of the wall they were on. I didn't put them up in our old apt because we were trying not to put holes in the wall. But I just used spray mod podge on thick cork board and four different fabrics (as a quilter it was a little difficult to let go of some fabric for uses other than quilting, but I bit my tongue and did it, and I'm glad I did!).  I have all the things from our fridge on these now, and am trying to keep the fridge cleaner...

I made this a couple weeks ago. Since I made a Shutterfly book for our wedding photos, I wasn't sure what to do with the wedding photos I had already ordered. So, picture collage!

Do you remember the quilt I made for Kelly? Well, introducing...

I work with her three days a week. Today we were stamping and stickering a card for her grandmother. Fun arts and crafts time! I'm actually working two overnights (my normal shift on Wed is 4-11, but I am also working the shift after - 11-9:30am!) this week, and 24 hours starting Sat 8am! Whoo! It's a good thing Kelly and I get along so well! :P Busy!

And here is where her quilt lives! She loves it. A great I SPY game.


  1. So many FUN things to comment on in this post--I LOVE everything!!

    #1--what a gorgeous pink double ring quilt! Peaches is so lucky!
    #2--I think I see my Valentine's card on your...what do you call the fabric-covered corkboard? you never named it! nice idea, though.
    #3--can't wait to see your photo collage up close!
    #4--great shots of Kelly and of her cute quilt.
    This was a very happy-making post. :D
    Love, Mom

    1. #2 - yes, your valentine is up on the...fabric covered cork board? Haha. Doesn't really have a name! :)