Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sauteed Veggie Soup

So I made some soup today. :) Which may just kick start another soup making binge. Went through one a few years ago, before the hubby. So good!

Sauteed Veggie Soup

2 medium red potatoes
Two carrots
one large or two small zucchini
Half a yellow onion
(you can add a chicken breast, and I was planning too, but the chicken smelled bad)
One garlic clove
1 1/2 Tbsp unsalted butter
2 c water
Beef or chicken bullion

I used my large, 14 inch pan, turned on to medium heat and melted the butter. I cut the potatoes to bite sized pieces (everything is cut to bite size pieces...) And tossed them in and stirred them a few times, then put the lid on.

I cooked the potatoes for about eight min, then put the carrots and onion in, stirred and put the lid on again. When the potatoes were almost soft, I the in the zucchini and turned up the heat. No more lid.

I sauteed everything very nicely and then pressed the garlic in, gave another min or so. I had discovered the chicken was bad before this, and was just going to eat the veggies, but hubby likes meat with every meal so I was trying to find SOMETHING to add...and he likes Cup Noodle, so I decided to put in some water and bullion. I used both beef and chicken, and that with the butter made this a pretty rich soup!

And the hubs just walked in (about an hour after I thought he'd be here :P) and said, "smells good," so at least it had nose approval so far. :P I are without him half an hour ago. I like my soup best fresh!

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