Thursday, February 23, 2012


Does it always come down to buying more fabric?!

For my lovely sister in law, Peach's, quilt, I thought I had enough fabric! I thought I had 8 yards to start with. Then when I started cutting, I was worried I wouldn't have enough, so I bought another yard. Still not enough. Had to buy more white. So I bought another yard. Sigh.

This is what I've got plus a few more of the pink pieces, but that will only make about another row! I'm trying to make 6x7. I only have 6x3.66. Bleh.

So my good progress on this quilt will have to be put on hold yet again. I've already spent my quilt budget for the month...and while I nearly got up and went out just now anyway...I decided to hold off.

Now to get back to my diamond red/yellow/black...


  1. I guess the more you cut it up into small pieces, the more of the fabric disappears into seams...?

    1. Yes, unfortunately that is the case. :/ no wonder I have liked my large block quilts so much in the past. :P this one has a lot of waste. :( unfortunately Tandy bought most (which was so sweet!) Of the fabric and I have sewn most of it together, so as far as buying more, the two halves of the quilt will be a little different. I tend to jump in and start putting things together before I realize I need to buy more, and it often happens that I can't find the same stuff! :P

  2. sounds like a standard learning curve for developing any great skill--you have to learn stuff by practice and making mistakes or things you wish you'd done differently. :)