Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Differences

So my hubby came home and said, "Smells good!" Then he walked into the kitchen and started serving himself. I came over and tipped the pan for him and he asked, "Oh, I'm supposed to take the broth?" And of course he didn't mean anything...

And I said, "Yes! The broth is the best part! I know you don't like it, but-"

"What? Who said I didn't like it?"

"Well, when you eat Cup Noodle, you pour off the broth..."

And he laughed and said, "How many times did you see me do that?"

"I don't know, several times?"

"Well, I pour off the broth because it's too hot to eat, not because I don't like it! I ate cup noodle today and drank all the broth!"

And he laughed and hugged me and said, "I like you." :D

And I like him. Oh our misunderstandings because I assume things after witnessing some of his eating habits...

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