Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Wedding

So I'm going to be backtracking a little in the next couple of posts. Thursday night I made a meal from Weight Watchers "This...Then This" cookbook: "Asian Style Grilled Flank Steak". Then Friday night (slash morning because I knew we'd want to eat and run) I made "Negamaki with Ginger Dipping Sauce". No photo of the first meal (tasted great, but not really picture worthy...), but my hubby took some really amazing photos of the amazing looking Negamaki (it actually looked like the picture in the book! THAT is impressive!)

Anyway, the photo is not showing up right now because it is on the other camera..

BUT! I have pictures from this weekend. 

(I didn't end up getting any up close photos of the Hoffman Wedding Quilt...sigh)

The purple I picked for the quilt...PERFECT. Look!

You can't tell super well from these photos, but that purple is a near - if not exact - match. :D

Erikka was so adorable! Hopefully she likes her quilt!

All done up and matching with our polka dots! :) (Andrew's tie, in case you can't see it...)

Our good friends Rob and Allison. They got married in Sept, a few month after we did, and the boys were groomsmen for each other. :) Allison helped out a lot at our wedding, and theirs was beautiful!

We stayed the night at our friend Tyler's in Oakland, then the group (mostly Cal Poly grads, though with a few old friends and new San Jose ((lots of our old Cal Poly friends have moved to San Jose area)) friends) met up for lunch at The Counter at Santana Row, then we all walked and window-shopped/hung out from there. And that's when we all took a sneak peak at the yet-to-be-released Tesla. That is one spiffy car. Starting at $57K, or something like that. :P But really, the young guys working in there were super great.

I want a red one. :D

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  1. I agree, she is indeed very pretty and gorgeous on her dress. It would a very special weekend to both of you guys. Spread the love.